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on, shawn lim writes a review and critical introduction of madeleine lee. published in june 2020, the article provides an insightful discussion into the central themes and poetic beauty of lee’s publications. read the full article here.

an online q&a interview with madeleine lee discussing the writing process and poetic inspiration, and a conversation on a few select poems.

review of 19.2 literature, medicine, health by neko mellor, published in the polyphony. featuring a piece by madeleine lee on the topic of teeth. read it here.

interview by on lee’s 2018 publication “regarding“, a product of her time as poet-in-residence at the national gallery singapore. read it here.

inteview by the publisher, ethos books, about lee’s inspirations behind her 2015 publication “square root of time“. read it here.

interview by the british council. watch it here.

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